In years gone by, property owners frequently chose to invest in real estate on The Bishops Avenue in order to acquire a trophy asset or as a means to store wealth. As a result, it became known as a street of absentee owners and was perceived as having, ‘lost its soul’. However, The Bishops Avenue is changing and finally seeing signs of much needed development and regeneration.

The renowned address is experiencing a renaissance following an easing of local planning objectives, which has enabled more apartments to be built. These new apartments are opening The Bishops Avenue to a new class of buyers: those who want the highest end of luxury but are happy to live in a flat rather than a mansion. A decade ago, people seeking a Bishops Avenue address wouldn’t have wanted a flat, preferring instead a huge mansion to show off their affluence and status. Conversely, today’s buyers are increasingly looking for secure, luxurious homes that they can lock up and leave and no longer want a house the size of a hotel.

The Bishops Avenue Regeneration – Buxmead Luxury Apartments

Buxmead was created in direct response to this shift in the property market and is an outstanding development of luxury apartments, the like of which hasn’t been seen since the ground-breaking example of One Hyde Park in Knightsbridge. Buxmead benefits from exceptional, state-of-the-art communal facilities, which are intended to give the feel of a private members club or a boutique hotel and which offer all the benefits of home ownership with few of the responsibilities.

In addition to Buxmead, several other magnificent developments on The Bishops Avenue are also in the pipeline. The prestige of the address is once again very much in the ascendancy and The Bishops Avenue now positions itself again as a serious rival to areas such as Knightsbridge and Kensington, appealing to those buyers who seek more space and a better quality of life, a luxury London location without the bustle of tourists, diners and shoppers.

Buxmead seeks to re-establish the ‘soul’ of The Bishops Avenue and enhance the already excellent reputation of this cherished address by creating a vibrant sense of community spirit amongst its occupants and offering them unparalleled levels of luxury.